5 Good Reasons to Visit West Africa

by Oliver Hyde

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Africa is probably the most amazing continent there is. If you are not convinced, we will make it our mission to find a place for Africa in your heart. People are usually afraid of visiting Africa, due to prejudices about developing countries.

The best road for getting rid of those prejudices is the one of understanding and discovering. West Africa is, actually, the most stable region in the continent when it comes to politics and law. The rates of violent crime are extremely low, though there are some risks of purse snatching and pickpocketing.

Do not let that stop you. Here are five great reasons that will outweigh all the risks.


Just about any nature scenery in West Africa is photo-worthy. One of the most beautiful sites you should visit is Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana that was formed in a meteorite crater. The lake is a popular place for recreation and relaxation, but it is also considered sacred by the local population. Speaking of lakes, Senegal has one of the most amazing lakes in the world, Pink Lake, and it is not just a name. Visiting the beaches in Africa is simply a must: beautiful pearly sand, amazingly blue water, and the whole beach just for yourself, a quite opposite scenario than on the crowded Caribbean beaches. Oh, and should we even start with safaris?


Visiting animals in their natural surroundings is always better than seeing them in the cages of a zoo. The rich diversity of African wildlife makes your trip worthwhile. You will be able to see large predators roaming the savannas, enormous herds of grazing herbivores, snakes in the dense forests and monkeys and wild apes. West Africa is home to some of the world’s most fascinating animals, as well as some of the most endangered, so, sadly, but truly, you should take this chance to see some of them, who knows if they will be here tomorrow.


When you first see some West African city, you might think “I could never live here” to yourself, but once you spend some time there, you will learn to fall in love with its crowded streets, loud salesmen and humidity in the air. The perfect place to put our statement to the test is Accra. According to people working in MeQasa real estate agency, downtown region of the city hosts a range of high-rise apartments you can rent or buy, so why not give it a try? Another city of amazing architecture is Lagos, but you should definitely visit Dakar, Abidjan and Abuja.


People of West Africa are really friendly and happy to engage in conversations with tourists. Most of the population in the cities speaks English or French, so you will have no problems to communicate. Still, you will have the most amazing experience if you decide to leave your comfort zone and visit some of the African tribe villages. They can be really kind to strangers if you respect their ways, even though you do not understand them. Make sure you bring some local guide that speaks their language, to avoid misunderstandings.


West African cuisine is something that simply must be on your bucket list. The cuisine of the region has been heavily influenced over the centuries by migrants, invaders and traders, which makes it beautifully diverse. A typical West African dish is spicy and packed with carbohydrates. Some of the most amazing dishes you will ever try are Red Red, Kelewele, Abala, Rice Akarakuru, Cassava, etc. When you are visiting some of the cities, try to avoid foreign food restaurants, and visit local food diners.

We have plenty of other reasons for you, but we hope that these five are enough to get you to start packing. You will discover other ones along the way.

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