Want An Exotic Vacation But Not Sure What To Expect? Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Next Vacation Destination

by Melissa Adams

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Choosing your next vacation destination is one of the easiest things to do these days. There are so many great travel blogs and useful information about every destination you could think of. The trouble is, you might not quite be finding the right inspiration by reading about a country.

What you need to do is base your destination choice on what you have already experienced. Sometimes having a little of home with us when we are off globe-trotting can be incredibly comforting.

If you know you simply can’t live without your internet access, one of the first things you might check is if your hotel has free wi-fi. You may also try to find out if your destination country tends to offer free wi-fi in places like cafes just as we have at home. Some countries offer free wi-fi in most places, so these might be on your preference list. For others, the food is important. You may be adventurous and up for tasting the local cuisine, but you may want to know if there is something familiar available, like a well-known fast food chain restaurant.

Language is important to some people too. There are plenty of countries across the globe that speak English, but not all of them have signs in English, or even in the Western alphabet. There are apps to help, so find out in advance so you can download the right one. Some of us get pretty nervous about local cultures and customs. It can be so easy to offend people in another nation with some of our nationally accepted ways. You may feel more comfortable staying in a modern, international-style hotel like the J8 hotel in Singapore. Something cozier or traditional like a little village bed and breakfast may be just a little too quaint for you.

Staying in modern hotels also means you are more likely to find all the plumbing and mealtime customs matching your expectations. You are also more likely to find good advice and assistance should you need it. The layout is more likely to be in the style you are accustomed to, so you won’t feel like you are getting lost when searching for your room, or for a lobby area. A modern architecture also means the standards for health, cleanliness and safety should be more in line with what you are used to.

Taking the plunge and visiting a new country unlike the one you originate from can be exciting. You may have to pick up a phrase book, and even start doing some maths so you can figure out the value of items you buy. But you’ll get to understand a different culture first hand, and sample the authentic local cuisine. You’ll see wonders of our planet that photographs just don’t explain. You might go for a particular reason like the weather, the beaches or the hotel. But what you come back with in terms of experience and wonderful memories will have made all that research totally worthwhile. Be brave this year and pick out an exotic location for your next vacation.

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