How to Prepare for the Road Trip of a Lifetime

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You’re planning to go on the road trip of a lifetime. How exciting! Road trips can be so much fun, especially when you plan them properly.

It will probably depend on who you go with too, but you’re bound to have a memorable time.

If you want to make sure that this is a road trip to best all others, make sure you follow the advice in this guide.

Check Your Fluids

Check your fluids before you hop in the car raring to go. Every single part of the car should be checked to ensure that the fluids are up to scratch. Check your engine oil, brake fluids, power steering fluids, and every other fluid that your car has.

Check Your Tyres

The tyres are so important; not having enough grip on them or air in them can be the difference between a safe trip and an accident. Check your treads and tyre pressure, especially during times like winter where more things can go wrong.

Make Sure Lights Are in Working Order

Lights that don’t work properly are dangerous for both you and other drivers on the road. You could even get pulled over if your lights are burning out. Double check them before you leave to ensure you can see where you’re going well enough and that you’re not endangering other road users.

Check Your Brakes

Are your brakes working as well as they could be? If they’re not, make sure you get them checked out and fixed. Your brakes are the very last thing that can stop you from having a crash or collision. They might not be squeaky, but that doesn’t mean they’re in full working order.

Stock it Up

You’ll need a few supplies if you want to ensure you have a successful road trip. Having everything you need is essential if you expect this trip to be the trip of a lifetime. Here are just a few of the things you’ll need:

  • A mobile phone to come to your rescue if you get lost. Keep it turned off until you need help so you can concentrate on having a great time.
  • A map of where you’re going and a sharpie to mark it out. You could even download a map on your phone, but ensure you have a phone charger in the car to keep it on.
  • Have a toolkit including things like tape and screwdrivers just incase anything should go wrong. You’re better safe than sorry!
  • A spare tyre.
  • Pillows and sleeping bags in case you need to stop and get some rest.
  • Cash and cards.
  • Have a first aid kit just in case someone should hurt themselves on your travels.

Make your own list of essentials so that you know you have everything you need as you tick them off.

Get Apps on Your Phone

There are certain apps available for smartphones that can enhance your road trip. You can design routes, drop pins on places you’d like to visit, and more. Make your trip 10x better with the help of these apps!

  • Waze.
  • Along the way.
  • Hotel tonight.
  • Glympse.
  • Audible.
  • Roadtrippers

And many more! It all depends on what you want to do on your trip and how you could make it easier.

Have a Plan

You don’t want to be rigid with your plan, but you should have an idea of what you’d like to do on your road trip. You shouldn’t go as far as to plan your stopping breaks or anything, though. You should at least know where you’d like to end up, and where you’ll stay once you get there. If you’ll need to stop in the middle of your travels, make sure you know where you’ll sleep then too. Sleeping in the car is an option. You should never continue on with your trip while you’re tired, and take it in turns to drive the car! Pre-empt any issues you might have with the trip too. If you don’t run into any of these issues, that’s a bonus. Booking a self drive road trip can be helpful, as you are always given the optimal route to take. It’s up to you though; you could easily plan it yourself.

Have Snacks and Drinks in a Cooler

You’re going to get hungry and thirsty on your road trip, and you can’t just guarantee that you’ll find somewhere to stop. Have a cooler filled with some snacks and drinks just incase. Try not to pack food that could make the car messy or smelly.

Clean Your Car Out

If your car needs a bit of a clean, do it sooner rather than later. You’re bound to accumulate rubbish and other things on your trip, so by cleaning it before you leave you minimize your chances of becoming drowned in rubbish. Do it before and even during to keep the mess bearable. You’ll only get frustrated in a messy car.

Make a Playlist

All amazing road trips need an amazing playlist. Create a playlist using a CD or by using a platform like Spotify. Some are ready made, but you’ll need to make sure that everybody with you on the trip will enjoy the music. There’s nothing worse than being in a car with music you hate playing the entire time, so mix it up and be thoughtful.

Now all you need to do is get on the road and have an amazing time! Please don’t underestimate how important it is to check and double check your vehicle. You’ll seriously regret it if you don’t, especially since you’ll be spending so much time in your car. Don’t forget to secure your house before you leave either! So many people forget to do this properly and then come home to bad news. Put your alarms on and make sure you inform neighbours that you trust you’re leaving for a little while. They should keep an eye out for you.

That’s all for now! Do you have any pointers? Feel free to leave a comment below with your experiences and tips.

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