Motorhome Holidays: Awesome Tips for Your Trip!

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If you’ve decided to have a motorhome holiday this year, then you probably want to know as much as you can about these kinds of holidays before you go.

You should have an amazing time regardless, but being fully prepared in advance will help you.

Here are some awesome tips for your trip:

Consider Renting Before You Buy

Before you go and buy your very own van, consider renting one first. You can usually rent a van for a reasonable price, and you’ll get an idea of whether these kinds of holidays are for you. If you’ve never been on a motorhome holiday before, getting a feel for them first with a rented van is your best bet. Then, when you’ve decided you’d like more of these holidays, you could purchase your own. You can then head off whenever you feel like it. Most weekends, school holidays, etc. You’ll be able to hop in and go at a moment’s notice! That’s the great thing about motorhome holidays.

Buy the Right Kind of Motorhome for You

When you’ve decided to buy your own motorhome, you need to make sure you’re purchasing the right type of motorhome for you. There are many different kinds that could suit you. You can get really small motorhomes, campervans, and even large RVs. It’ll all depend on who is travelling with you and how much space you need. Make sure you do plenty of research before splashing money out on a van. You can read about Fourwinds motorhomes here to give you an idea of what you could look for.

Create a Checklist

Something that helps a lot of campers before they go on their motorhome holiday is creating a checklist. By taking a checklist with you, you’ll be sure to remember everything you need. There are lots of things to bear in mind, but with a list you won’t need to worry too much. You’ll need things like awnings to create your outdoor relaxation area, a spare gas bottle, torch, and more. Making a list you can take with you each time is a good idea, so consider printing one out and then laminating it. You can check things off this as you go each time you travel. You should have a totally hassle free trip!

Maintain Your Motorhome

Of course it only makes sense to maintain your motorhome if you plan on travelling in it regularly. Make sure you check it over before each journey to make sure you’re not putting yourself and others at risk. Perform the necessary checks and maintenance on your motorhome and it’ll last so much longer.

Plan a Simple Journey in Advance

Before you hop in your motorhome and start driving, try to plan a simple journey in advance. You don’t need to plan your entire trip, especially if you’re planning on travelling for a while. However, knowing where you’re going to be staying for the first few days will take some stress out of your trip while you plan your next moves.

Don’t Plan Too Much

Make sure you don’t plan to see too many places. You don’t want to spend your motorhome holiday speeding from place to place trying to fit everything in. You want to be able to enjoy the areas you’re visiting properly. You want to spend time by rivers, the forest, etc – not speeding down the grey tarmac. Be sensible in your planning!

Have Your Own Space Too

If you’re travelling with family, it’s all too easy to get sick of each other. After all, you’re all in such close proximity to one another for a long time. Have your own space too. Let the kids go and explore alone as long as it’s safe, or let them run around a park. Then you can take some time to explore or relax. This will make for a much more pleasant trip.

Think Strategically About Where You Park

When it comes to parking, there will be a number of places you can leave your motorhome. However, you need to think about this strategically. What will get the most light during the day? Are you at risk from bad weather? Make sure you think about it carefully and think of all possible outcomes.

Consider Staying Close to Home at First

If you haven’t travelled in a motorhome before, it might be a good idea to stay close to home at first. This is a good idea incase you forget anything or you feel anxious. When you’re used to it, you can then venture further afield. Start off slowly – there’s no need to rush!

Be Prepared to Make Friends

You can meet some great friends at motorhome parks. Try to head to parks where there will be more young children if you’re travelling with yours. You might all just meet some friends for life, and chances are you’ll run into one another again at some point on your travels!

Pack Light

Packing lightly will make your trip more stress free. Take only the essentials. When it comes to clothing and things like that, you won’t need much. Motorhome holidays are all about getting back to nature!

Choose Something For Everybody

If you’re travelling with family, try to make sure you’ve chosen something for everybody. Compromise when it comes to your plans. If Dad wants to head to a museum one day, make sure you do something for the kids the next day. That way, everybody will have a trip that they want to remember.

Entertainment for Rainy Days

You can never predict the weather, which is the only downside to this kind of holiday. Take some entertainment with you for rainy days, such as a pack of cards or some board games. The last thing you want is your children complaining about being bored!

Hopefully these tips will make your motorhome holiday more hassle free and fun. Many people really catch the motorhome holiday bug and end up addicted. Just remember to head back home from time to time!

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