Preparing Your Car for Long Journey

by Alex Hess

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A long journey in fact can bring a number of problems for you car. Even a little problem like old wiper, out-of-balance tire or improper wheel alignment can cause you problems during the journey. Let’s see some tips on preparing your car for long journey.

Service your car

Get any major repairs done. If your car needs major repair or maintenance, do it a minimum of one month before you go for the journey. This step will allow you lots of time for any issues which need your concern. The oil and filter should have been checked as all of the water reservoirs should be full in the time you start your journey.

To test engine oil, park your car on a level spot, heat up and stop the engine. Wait for a second permitting oil to drain down the oil pan. Pull the engine oil dipstick out, wipe it with a clean rag or a paper towel and insert it back absolutely. Pull it out again and check the extent – it should be close to the “FULL” mark on the dipstick. If the amount is low, you can top it up using the same sort of oil as you have already got in the engine.

If you notice that your car consumes a high quantity of engine oil between oil changes, it is a good idea to take some spare engine oil with you on during the journey. Many engine issues are caused by lack of oil changes.

Check your tires

The minimum legal tread depth for tires is 1.6mm. Even if your tires are not nearing this minimum depth, most experts suggest maintaining a tread depth of a minimum of 3mm to remain safe on the roads. Besides that, underneath or over-inflating your tires can also increase the chance of having an accident. The proper tire pressure changes relying on the weight you are carrying, it is value checking this before setting off on your journey.

To avoid long delays in case you got flat tire during the journey, it’s also a wise idea to check the spare and also the equipment you wish to put it on including jack and wrench. Check your tires to ensure they will remain inside their wear limits during your trip and purchase and install new tires if required and ensure that your tires are inflated to the proper pressure. Low pressure can cause additional heat buildup that can cause a blowout at high speeds. Follow the instructions for checking tire pressure in your owner’s manual.

Maximize your visibility

Make sure that your car’s lights are clean, operating and properly aligned. Dirt can stop them from properly lighting your way whereas having the beam too high will dazzle oncoming traffic and increasing the chance of accidents. You might encounter various climate means including rain, sleet or even snow while driving thus it is very important to test your windscreen wiper blades. One more thing, don’t forget to high up your screen wash regularly and make sure that it includes an anti-freeze and water repellent solution.

Pack With Thoughts

Pack your things at least the night before you set out. Arrange your things wisely as they could hit someone in case you need to brake sharply. Wash and vacuum your car. Thus before you start loading your things, ensure that you car is in good and clean condition.

If you are bringing your kids in the journey, make sure that your child seats are securely fixed. If a baby is traveling within the front in a baby seat, don’t forget to flip off the airbag on that aspect. If your car does not enable you for the option, the baby should travel in the rear.

Don’t forget about the entertainment. You might have DVDs within the headrest and individual music headphones so choose your favorite music CDs so you can you entertain yourself along your journey.

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