Tips to Find Cheap Flights

by Abdullah Hakim

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[easyazon-link asin=”0966572815″]Airfare[/easyazon-link] consume almost half or more of your budget when you go for vacation abroad. Find a cheap flights can reduce your budget for airfare and use it on other purposes. Here, we show the tips to find cheap flights.

Look for deals online. Some can be found through online auction sites, others through the sites for airlines themselves. It’s a good idea to subscribe for email alerts for any upcoming new deals.

  • Search online travel sites such as,,,,,, and, and many more. Check at least 3 before making your choice, since fares can vary by hundreds of bucks.
  • Check the airline’s website. Before creating a sale on a travel web site, head to the particular airline’s website. Generally, booking through the airline itself can snag you a cheaper seat.

Look closely at online auction deals. Some of these can offer very low-cost flights because people can’t make a journey they’ve bought and cannot get a refund. Try to check whether it’s possible to alter the ticket from their name to yours before buying though (there’s usually a fee concerned for doing this).

Check out the airlines known for offering low-cost flight deals. They will usually outdo their competitors but watch out to read the fine print. Many low-cost flights mean no cargo baggage and lots of conditions on missing the flight. Sometimes extremely low cost flights aren’t worth the hassles incorporated into them, so be careful on that.

Look for the ticket at the lowest class. This suggests that no first class, business class, or economy premium class travel. You bargain-hunter, are stuck at the rear in economy “fifth class”. However, if you still get there in one piece, a cut price may be a bargain!

Stop being spontaneous and start being a planner. The longer lead time you allow for ticket purchasing, the better the price. Apart from seats the airline desires to dump quick where it can’t seem to fill them, the nearer to the time of the flight, the higher the price becomes. Therefore take your calendar and plan!

Fares are generally cheaper if you keep over a Saturday night. International fares also fluctuate throughout the week, thus get to understand the timing of cheaper fare releases. The best fares are usually on the market on Wednesdays between midnight and 1 a.m.; that’s when most airlines readjust their prices for the week.

Consider alternate airports. Say you wish to go to New Orleans. Flying into Baton Rouge may be cheaper, and it’s solely an hour away. The same goes for international destinations; check to see if the smaller hub encompasses a cheaper flight. And get the pleasure from your sightseeing on a train or bus as you get to town you needed to be in!

In the United States, call the airline’s 800 number and raise for their lowest fare—without giving specific travel dates. Service representatives usually don’t tell you concerning lower fares that are simply one day or two before or on your target date. When calling airlines, continuously be polite and friendly. Studies show service people will go the extra mile for you if you’re nice to them.

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