Visiting Madrid On A Budget

by Abdullah Hakim

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Traveling on a budget is always an option for people who want to find some places for relax. Madrid is probably the cheapest of all European capitals to visit. Here we explain how to experience the city at the lowest possible cost!

Here’s where you’ll make the biggest savings. Check out each direct and indirect routes. Travel off season (both at origin and destination). Sometimes it’s worth flying on a low cost carrier to a major hub then purchase the international section separately.

Check your airline. Make sure you sign on for your carriers frequent flyer scheme. This can offset future flight prices or buy a treat after your visit.

Book the hotels early. Choose the hotel you wish. Search the hotel name then contact the hotel directly asking if they’ll beat the best Internet rate you have seen. You’ll be pleasantly shocked.

Get local currency. Do this in Madrid where you’ll be offered a higher rate than buying foreign currency in your home country. Not at the airport though! Alternatively you can draw cash through an ATM at higher rates (There are ATM’s in the airport).

Getting into your hotel. The Madrid metro and bus system is safe and efficient. A 10 trip ticket prices 7€ and will be shared by the whole cluster. Getting out of the hotel. Nearly everything you need to see is in walking distance. Don’t take a taxi unless necessary. If you need a taxi stop one in the street, don’t call for one as the meter starts immediately the call ends.

Go for sightseeing. There are a number of discount cards giving combined entrance to the main attractions. Find the scheme that suits you best. See the Museums – Visit on Sundays and public holidays when entrance is free for the bulk. Keep enough free time for an excursion – These are cheaper and with more convenient timings if you are doing them yourself using the regional bus and train network.

We all need to eat. Eat well at the hotel provided breakfast buffet. For lunch select a small bar giving “Menu del dia”. “Menu del dia” is a 3 course meal for less than €10 and the quality is often nice once all the bars want the repeat custom from the natives. Buy some souvenirs. Make sure you collect the receipts for purchases over €92 and claim back the tax paid upon departure at the airport.

Enjoy a sporting event – Book [easyazon-link asin=”B004323OY0″]tickets for football[/easyazon-link] and basketball directly with the clubs themselves. Its not hard and there are guides out there explaining to you on how to do so. This can save you up to 200% against the scalper costs.

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