Whatever Your Interests, There’s Something In Canada For You

by Melissa Adams

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Despite its large size, Canada is not one of those countries that takes up a lot of the world’s attention. In fact, many within Canada see that as an enduring selling point.

While the media and others focus on the countries that make a lot of noise, Canada gets on with being Canada.

It is for this reason that a lot of people from elsewhere in the world consider it when thinking of moving to another country.

Whether you’re just looking for a holiday, or are looking at moving, a trip to Canada is a positive start in getting to know this country better. For some other countries you might feel you already know them pretty well. For Canada, some introductions may be in order. Once you’ve checked out Official Canada eTA for visa information, strap yourself in!

If You Like … The Great Outdoors

For anyone who enjoys getting out into nature and seeing the world close up, there are few countries which can offer what Canada can. It’s a country dotted with lakes, forests and mountains. Should you fancy a hike, you need only strap your boots on and drive for a little while. You won’t take long to come face to face with some of the local wildlife, which is both an encouragement and a warning.

If You Like … Sport

If you prefer to leave the activity to people who are paid to do it, then Canada has plenty of spectator sport. Canadian football is a more open, attacking cousin to the NFL version. Canadian teams participate in Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL as well as Major League Soccer. Also hugely popular is lacrosse – which you may not have seen much on TV, but will enjoy if you like fast-paced, thrilling action.

If You Like … Music

Canada has contributed stars such as Justin Bieber to the world music scene, but there‚Äôs more to be enjoyed here. If you like live music, there’s plenty to be found here. Toronto is, as the largest city, the place to catch the biggest acts. Montreal, for its part, is more of a bohemian scene. If you like jazz or folk, that’s the place for you. Meanwhile, if you’re more into an indie/alternative vibe, Vancouver is the place.

If You Like … Family Holidays

Canada is a place that will beguile visitors of all ages, without necessarily pandering to the theme park approach. Seeing the Niagara Falls will make any visiting youngster gasp with admiration. Meanwhile, Quebec City in the winter is a Disney paradise come alive with picturesque cafes, ice slides and street performers. Getting your kids to leave will be the hard part.

There is much to see and do in Canada. That it doesn’t make as much of a big deal of it as most countries? Well, that’s part of the attraction for many visitors. Whether it’s a rugged, testing trip you want or one for all the family, there’s something to be found. This is a country with a long, storied history. Find the parts of it that interest you, and find out more for yourself.

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